Al Jahra Govrenorate

Al Jahra is ane o the sax govrenorates o Kuwait. It is locatit tae the northwast o the ither govrenorates an hooses the ceety o Jahra amang ithers. It includes Bubiyan Island an is bi far the lairgest govrenorate in Kuwait. It an aa contains maist o Kuwait's arable land. Al Jahra an aa haes some historic relevance tae Kuwait's history. The Red Palace or Al Qasr Al Ahmar is the maist important historical landmark there. In an aroond it the famous battle atween Kuwait an the Dweesh airmy teuk place. When Jahra wis a veelage it wis an oasis an maist Jahrans wur fermers. Nou Jahra is a lairge ceety an fermin haes been reduced tae a few sma ferms.

Map o Kuwait wi Al Jahra heichlichtit



Doha is a toun locatit in the Al Jahra govrenorate. The toun wis the steid o a major US military base that closed in 2005 an wis returned tae the Kuwaiti govrenment.


Mutla is a spairsely populaitit destrict locatit in the Al Jahra govrenorate. The Mutla Ridge is locatit there.


See Jahra.

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