Adult contemporary

Adult contemporary muisic (AC; Scots: Adult contemporar) is a style o muisic, rangin frae 1960s vocal an 1970s soft rock muisic[2] tae predominantly ballad-hivy muisic o the present day, wi varyin degrees o easy listenin, soul, rhythm an blues, an rock influence.[3][4][5] Adult contemporary is rather a continuation o the easy listenin an soft rock style that became popular in the 1960s an 1970s wi some adjustments that reflect the evolution o pop/rock muisic.[6]

Adult contemporary airtist Celine Dion is ane o the biggest internaitional starns in muisic history, sellin mair nor 220 million albums warldwide.[1]

Adult contemporary tends tae hae lush, soothin an heichlie polished qualities whaur emphasis on melody an harmonies is accentuatit. It is uisually melodic enough tae get a listener's attention, an is inaffensive an pleasurable enough tae wirk well as backgrund muisic. Like maist o pop muisic, its sangs tend tae be written in a basic format (aften the verse-chorus structur), as well as the common employment o repeatit choruses.[7]

Adult contemporary is hivy on romantic ballads which maistly uise acoustic instruments (tho bass guitar is uisually uised) such as acoustic guitars, pianos, saxophones, an sometimes an orchestral set. The electric guitars are normally faint an heich-pitched. Housomeivver, recent adult contemporary muisic mey uisually featur seenthesizers (an ither electronics, such as drum machines).[8]

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