Abja-Paluoja (first mention 1504) is a toun (syne 1993) in Viljandi Coonty, Estonie. Joined 1998 wi Abja Vald.

Fire depot
Fire depot
Abja-Paluoja is located in Estonie
Coordinates: 58°07′33″N 25°21′31″E / 58.12583°N 25.35861°E / 58.12583; 25.35861
Kintra Estonie
Coonty Viljandi Coonty
PairishMulgi Pairish
 (1 September 2006)
 • Total1,406
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)

Abja Rural Municipality is situatit in the Mulgi Parish, the soothren pairt o Viljandi Coonty. The Halliste River an Kariste Lake are locatit near the northren border o the rural municipality. The municipality shares its soothren border wi the Republic o Latvie. The relief o the rural municipality mey be classifee'd as twa: the northren pairt is covered wi hummocks, mature valleys an walleys wi a notch-like bottom, an the soothren pairt is plains. The Pärnu - Valga asphalt road passes through the rural municipality an the Abja-Paluoja - Sultsi an Mõisaküla roads stairt frae this road. The rest o the roads are covered wi gravel, their total length is 77 km.

At present, the rural municipality awns 29.019ha o land. It is dividit intae cultivatit land 9.630ha, natural grassland 1.652ha, forest an 12.913ha, yard land 179ha, ither land 3.587ha.

Fowk hae haed the possibility tae get education in Abja frae the year 1812. Till 1919, there wur rural municipality an parish schuils in Abja, efter that elementary schuils wur established. Syne the year 1940, ane haes been able tae get upper seicontary education in Abja (Abja Gümnaasium). There are 2 kindergartens in the rural municipality: in Abja-Paluoja (foondit in 1912) an in Kamara (foondit in 1962).

Veelages in Abja Vald eedit

Abja-Vanamõisa, Abjaku, Atika, Kamara, Laatre, Lasari, Penuja, Põlde, Raamatu, Räägu, Saate, Sarja, Umbsoo, Veelikse, Veskimäe.

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