ARA San Juan (S-42)

 ARA San Juan (S-42) wis a TR-1700-cless diesel-electric submarine in service wi the Argentine Navy as pairt o the Argentine Submarine Force atween 1986 an 2017. It wis built in Wast Germany an entered service on 19 November 1985, an it unnerwent a mid-life update frae 2008 tae 2013.

On 15 November 2017, San Juan went missin durin a ordinar patrol in the Sooth Atlantic aff the coast o Argentina, believed tae hae tholed an electrical malfunction, an a multi-nation sairch operation wis muntit. Within oors o San Juan's last transmeession, reports descrive an acoustic anomaly conseestent wi an implosion, detected in the vicinity o the submarine's last kent location. On 30 November, howp wis abandont o rescuin the crew alive.

On 16 November 2018, the Argentine Navy reportit that the Americaen ship Seabed Constructor haed fund San Juan throu a remote submersible. The wrack wis locatit approximately 460 km sootheast o Comodoro Rivadavia at a deepth o 907 metre (2,976 ft).[1] The submarine’s imploded wrackage wis strawn up tae 70 metre (230 ft) frae the hull.[2][3]

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