A-Pucikwar leid

A-Pucikwar or Pucikwar is an extinct leid o the Andaman Islands, Indie, formerly spoken bi the A-Pucikwar fowk on the sooth coast o Middle Andaman, the northeast coast o Sooth Andaman, an on Baratang Island.

As the colonisation an settlement process o the Andaman Islands intensified frae the late 19t century an intae the 20t century, the indigenous Great Andamanese groups wur greatly reduced in number an became alienated frae their traditional territories. The few survivin Great Andamanese soon lost the cultural an linguistic distinctions amang them that wur present at the onset o the 19t century, when at least ten distinct tribal an linguistic groups wur recordit. As a leid an as a distinct identity, A-Puckiwar an the ither groups dee'd oot in the 20t century. The few remainin families o Great Andamanese descent—coalesced frae several o the umwhile communities an wi some admixture o Karen (Burmese) an Indien settlers—wur resettled on Strait Island. Approximately half o these speak today a creolised leid based mainly on Aka-Jeru wi some A-Pucikwar, Hindi an Burmese elements. The remainder speak anerlie Hindi.

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