28 de Julio (Veintiocho de Julio, cried simply Veintiocho an aw) is a veelage an municipality in Gaiman Depairtment, Chubut in soothren Argentinae, an is wast o the lawer Chubut River.[2] Tae its east is Dolavon, tae its north is Naitional Route 25, tae its sooth is a boondary, an tae its wast is Boca Toma. The economy in the veelage is primarily agricultural.

28 de Julio
Municipality an veelage
28 de Julio is located in Argenteinie
28 de Julio
28 de Julio
Coordinates: 43°22′S 65°48′W / 43.37°S 65.80°W / -43.37; -65.80
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceChubut Province
 • MayorJose Nelido Chingoleo, UCR
 (2001 INDEC)
 • Total491
Area code(s)02965

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