1957 is a year o the Gregorian calendar.

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  • January: An Irish Republican Army attack on the Brookeborough police barracks leads tae the deaths o Seán Sou an Fergal O'Hanlon.
  • 5t January : The president Eisenhower demands tae the Congress special pawers tae struggle agains Communist menace in Near-East.
  • 9t January: Martin Luther King foonds the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • 23t January: Ku Klux Klan members farce the truck driver Willie Edwards tae spring off a bridge intae the Alabama Strict; he drowns as a result.
  • February: Kenyan rebel leader Dedan Kimathi is executed by the British colonial government.
  • 25t Mairch: The Rome Treaty is ratified bi the Five Members o the Economic European Community.
  • 26 Mairch – 22-year-auld Elvis Presley buys Graceland on 3734 Bellevue Boulevard (Highway 51 South) far 100,000 US dollars. He and his family dwell from the housie on 1034 Audubon Drive.
  • Mey: Gustavo Rojas Pinilla's goveirnment an he fall in Colombia.
  • Kim Tu-bong, president o the People's Supreme Assembly, opponent o Kim Il-sung is killed in North Korea
  • 24t September: Nine black bairns are expelsit frae a schuil in Little Rock (Arkansas) bi alot o fowks. Eisenhower sends thoosand parachutists thair tae mak the schuil respect the law.
  • The Saare (Saarland) is integrated bi the Federal Republic o Germany.

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