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.us is the Internet kintra code tap-level domain (ccTLD) for the Unitit States an wis established in 1985.

Introduced 1985
TLD type Kintra code tap-level domain
Status Active
Registry Neustar
Sponsor Unitit States Depairtment o Commerce
Intendit uise Entities connectit wi  Unitit States
Actual uise Wis umwhile the primary domain name uised bi state an local govrenments in the Unitit States, but mony o these hae syne moved tae .GOV.
Some uise bi American businesses; relatively popular for domain hacks (e.g. Maist businesses an commercial interests uise .com instead.
Registered domains 1,829,507 (Apr 2014)[1]
Registration restrictions U.S. nexus requirement can be enforced by challenge, but seldom is.
Structur Originally registrations were within complex, 3rd or 4th level hierarchy, but currently direct second-level registrations are allowed.
Documents RFC 1480; USDoC agreements with Neustar
Dispute policies usTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (usDRP)


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