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.no is the Internet kintra code tap-level domain (ccTLD) for Norawa.

.no logo.svg
Introduced 1983
TLD type Kintra code tap-level domain
Status Active
Registry Norid
Sponsor Norid
Intendit uise Entities connectit wi  Norawa
Actual uise Very popular in Norawa; maist steids are in seicont-level names rather nor the various third-level registrations available
Registered domains 583,962 (Mey 2013)[1]
Registration restrictions Open tae organisations an individuals in Norawa; specific sub-domains hae varied requirements; leemit o 100 seicont-level registrations per organisation; lawer leemit for individuals
Structur Registrations can be made at the seicont level, or at third level beneath various geografic an generic seicont-level names
Documents Domain name policy for .no
Dispute policies Complaint procedure
Wabsteid Norid


  1. Norid. "Key figures". Retrieved 10 May 2013.