The Yukon River is a major wattercoorse o northwastren North Americae. The soorce o the river is locatit in Breetish Columbie, Canadae, frae which it proceeds tae flowe throu the Canadian Yukon territory (itsel named efter the river). The lawer hauf o the river lies in the U.S. state o Alaska. The river is 3,190 kilometre (1,980 mi)[2][3] lang an empties intae the Bering Sea at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The average flowe is 6,430 m³/s (227,000 ft³/s).[1] The tot drainage aurie is 832,700 km² (321,500 mi²),[1] o which 323,800 km² (126,300 mi²) is in Canadae. Bi comparison, the tot aurie is mair nor 25% lairger nor Texas or Alberta.

Yukon River
Dawson City Lookout Yukon River 3264px.jpg
A view o the Yukon River near Dawson City, Yukon
Kintras Canadae, Unitit States
State Alaska, Yukon, Breetish Columbie
Soorce Llewellyn Glacier at Atlin Lake
 - location Atlin Destrict, Breetish Columbie, Canadae
 - coordinates 59°10′N 133°50′W / 59.167°N 133.833°W / 59.167; -133.833
Mooth Bering Sea
 - location Kusilvak, Alaska, Unitit States
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 62°35′55″N 164°48′00″W / 62.59861°N 164.80000°W / 62.59861; -164.80000Coordinates: 62°35′55″N 164°48′00″W / 62.59861°N 164.80000°W / 62.59861; -164.80000
Lenth 3,190 km (1,982 mi)
Basin 854,700 km2 (330,002 sq mi)
 - average 6,430 m3/s (227,073 cu ft/s)


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