Yorkshire byleid

The Yorkshire byleid is a byleid o Inglis spak in the coontie o Yorkshire in the north o Ingland. It is descendit fae Northumbrian Auld Inglis an is gey similar tae Scots in monie weys. It is aft cried "Tyke" or "braid Yorkshire" bi hameborn spaekers.

Examples o the Yorkshire byleid whaun compared tae Scots an Inglis.Eedit

Yorkshire: T' bairns wor art lakin. Scots: The bairns wis oot playin. Inglis: The children were out playing.

Yorkshire: Wha' tahhm is it? Scots: Whit time wull it be? Inglis: What time is it?

Yorkshire: It wor eur girt day. Scots: It wis a rare day. Inglis: It was a great day.