Warld Bank

(Reguidit frae World Bank)

The Warld Bank is an internaitional financial institution that provides lends[2] tae kintras o the warld for caipital programs. It comprises twa institutions: the Internaitional Bank for Reconstruction an Development (IBRD), an the Internaitional Development Association (IDA). The Warld Bank is a component o the Warld Bank Group, which is pairt o the Unitit Naitions seestem.

Warld Bank
The World Bank logo.svg
Warld Bank logo
MottoWirkin for a Warld Free o Poverty
FormationJulie 1945; 75 years ago (1945-07)
TeepMonetary Internaitional Financial Organisation
Legal statusTreaty
HeidquartersWashington, D.C., U.S.
189 countries (IBRD)[1]
173 kintras (IDA)[1]
Key fowk
Jim Yong Kim, preses
Parent organisation
Warld Bank Group


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