William Hogarth

William Hogarth FRSA (/ˈhɡɑːrθ/; 10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764) wis an Inglis penter, prentmakker, pictorial satirist, social creetic, an eeditorial cartuinist wha haes been creditit wi pioneerin wastren sequential airt.

William Hogarth
The Painter and His Pug by William Hogarth.jpg
William Hogarth, Painter and his Pug, 1745
Born10 November 1697(1697-11-10)
Lunnon, Ingland
Died26 October 1764(1764-10-26) (aged 66)
Lunnon, Ingland
Restin place
St. Nicholas's Churchyard, Chiswick Mall, Chiswick, Lunnon
ThriftPenter, engraver, satirist
Hauf-marrae(s)Jane Thornhill, dauchter o Sir James Thornhill

His wark ranged frae realeestic portraitur tae comic strip-lik series o picturs cried "modren moral subjects". Knawledge o his wark is sae pervasive that satirical poleetical illustrations in this style are eften referred tae as "Hogarthian".[1]


  1. Accordin tae Elizabeth Einberg, "by the time he died in October 1764 he had left so indelible a mark on the history of British painting that the term 'Hogarthian' remains instantly comprehensible even today as a valid description of a wry, satirical perception of the human condition." See the exhibeetion catalog, Hogarth the Painter, London: Tate Gallery, 1997, p. 17.