Wilhelm Ernst, Duke o Saxe-Weimar

Wilhelm Ernst, Duke o Saxe-Weimar (19 October 1662 – 26 August 1728) wis a duke o Saxe-Weimar.

Wilhelm Ernst
1662 Wilhelm Ernst.jpg
Duke o Saxe-Weimar
PredecessorJohann Ernst II
SuccessorErnst August I
Born19 October 1662(1662-10-19)
Dee'd26 August 1728(1728-08-26) (aged 65)
SpouseCharlotte Marie o Saxe-Jena
HooseHoose o Wettin
FaitherJohann Ernst II, Duke o Saxe-Weimar
MitherPrincess Christine Elisabeth o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg


Sax month efter the daith o his faither (2 November 1683), Wilhelm Ernst mairit in Eisenach with Charlotte Marie, his cousin an auldest surviving dochter o his uncle Bernhard II, Duke o Saxe-Jena, in order tae secure the faimily lands. At that time, the guardian o Charlotte an his younger brither, the duke Johann Wilhelm o Saxe-Jena, was the duke Johann Georg I o Saxe-Eisenach, their anly surviving uncle. When he died in 1686, the guardianship o the duke o Saxe-Jena wis taken bi Wilhelm Ernst, his cousin an brither-in-law.