Wab rake ingine

A wab rake ingine or Internet rake ingine is a saftware seestem that is designed tae carry oot wab rake (Internet rake), which means tae rake the World Wide Web in a seestematic wey for pairticular information specifeed in a textual wab rake query. The rake results are generally presenti t in a line o results, aften referred tae as rake ingine results pages (SERPs). The information mey be a mix o links tae wab pages, eemages, videos, infografics, airticles, research papers, an ither teeps o files. Some rake ingines an aw mine data available in databases or open directories. Unlike wab directories, which are maintained anerly bi human eeditors, rake ingines an aw maintain real-time information bi runnin an algorithm on a wab crawler. Internet content that is no capable o bein searched bi a wab rake ingine is generally describit as the deep wab.