The viol or viola da gamba[1] [ˈvjɔːla da ˈɡamba] is ony ane o a faimily o bowed, frettit an stringed instruments that first appeared in Spain in the mid tae late 15t century an wis maist popular in the Renaissance an Baroque periods.[2]

String instrument
Ither namesViola da gamba
Hornbostel–Sachs classification321.322-71
(Composite chordophone soondit bi a bow)
DevelopedLate 15t century frae the vihuela
Relatit instruments


  1. "Viola da gamba" denotes a faimily o instruments distinct frae the violin faimily, or "violas da braccio." Currently, the term "viola da gamba" wioot qualification generally refers tae the bass viol.
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