Viktor Shershunov

Viktor Shershunov (Roushie: Виктор Андреевич Шершунов) (16 October 1950 – 20 September 2007) wis the govrenor o Kostroma Oblast, Roushie frae 1997 tae 2007. He previously wirkit at the Prosecutor's Office o Kostroma Oblast.

Born in Lenger (Kazakhstan), Shershunov wis electit govrenor in 1996 an re-electit in 2000 wi a lairge majority. In 2005, he wis reappointit bi Vladimir Putin efter direct elections for govrenors wis replacit wi presidential appointment.

He wis a member o the Communist Pairty o the Roushie Federation. He wis an aw a member o the Federation Soviet till the time o his daith. He dee'd on 20 September 2007, agit 56, in a caur crash in Moscow Oblast.