Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood CBE (19 Mey 1953 – 20 Apryle 2016) wis a Inglis comedian, actress, sangster an sangwriter, screenwriter an director. Wood wrote an starned in sketches, plays, muisicals, films an sitcoms, an her live comedy act wis interspersit wi her awn composeetions, which she performit on piano. Hintle o her humour wis grundit in iveryday life an includit references tae quintessentially "Breetish" activities, attitudes an products. She wis notit for her skills in observin cultur an in satirisin social clesses.[3][4]

Victoria Wood
Victoria Wood.jpg
Wood in Laos whilk filmin an appeal for
the Mines Advisory Group, 2010
Born19 Mey 1953(1953-05-19)
Prestwich, Lancashire, Ingland
Dee'd20 Apryle 2016(2016-04-20) (aged 62)
Highgate, Lunnon, Ingland
  • Comedian
  • actress
  • singer-songwriter
  • screenwriter
  • director
Years active1974–2015
SpooseGeoffrey Durham
(m. 1980; div. 2002)



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