Victor Maurice de Broglie, Coont o Broglie

Victor Maurice de Broglie Coont o Broglie (12 March 1647 – 4 August 1727) wis a French sodger an general. He wis born in Piedmont an later haed a distinguished career at the French coort o Louis XVI an Louis XV. He wis created a Marshal o Fraunce bi Louis XV in 1724.

Victor Maurice de Broglie
Coont o Broglie
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BornVictor Maurice de Broglie
12 Mairch 1647(1647-03-12)
Broglie house, Piedmont, France
Dee'd4 August 1727(1727-08-04) (aged 80)
Buhy, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Marie de Lamoignon
Charles Guillaume, Marquis o Broglie
François Marie, Duke o Broglie
Achille, "Chevalier de Broglie"
Marie Madeleine, Coontess o Caraman
FaitherFrançois Marie de Broglie
MitherAngelique de Vassal
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Victor Maurice de Broglie was born in the Broglie house, a noble faimily originally frae Piedmont. He wis the son o François Marie de Broglie, Coont o Broglie an Angelique de Vassal, Coontess o Favria. After the death of his faither he inherited the countships o Revel an o Broglie, the marquisate o Senonches.


On 29 August 1666, he mairit Marie de Lamoignon (1645-1733) an haed 8 childer.


  1. Joseph Hyacinthe de Broglie (1667-1693) died in battle.
  2. Charles Guillaume, Marquis o Broglie (1669-1751), lieutenant.
  3. Achille Joseph de Broglie (1670?-1758)
  4. François Marie de Broglie (1671-1745) Marshal o Fraunce, Duke o Broglie, mairit Thérèse Gillette Locquet an haed issue.
  5. Achille de Broglie (1672-1750) Laird o Helloy "Chevalier de Broglie".
  6. Charles-Maurice de Broglie (1682-1766), abbot o Cernay.
  7. Victor de Broglie (1689-1719)
  8. Marie Madeleine de Broglie (?-1699) mairit Jean Mathias Riquet, Coont o Caraman.