Victor Hope, 2nt Marquess o Lithgae

Victor Alexander John Hope, 2nt Marquess o Lithgae, KG, KT, FRSE, GCSI, GCIE, OBE (24 September 1887 – 5 Januar 1952) wis a Scots Unionist politeecian, agriculturalist an colonial admeenistrator. He served as Govrenor-General an Viceroy o Indie frae 1936 tae 1943.

The Marquess o Lithgae

Viceroy o Indie
In office
18 Apryle 1936 – 1 October 1943
MonarchEdward VIII
George VI
Prime MeenisterStanley Baldwin
Neville Chamberlain
Winston Churchill
Precedit biThe Marquess o Willingdon
Succeedit biThe Viscoont Wavell
Personal details
Born24 September 1887
Sooth Queensferry, Lithgaeshire, Scotland
Dee'd5 Januar 1952(1952-01-05) (aged 64)
Sooth Queensferry, Lithgaeshire, Scotland
Spoose(s)Doreen Maud Milner
ReligionKirk o Scotland
Government offices
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Willingdon
Viceroy o Indie
Succeedit bi
The Viscoont Wavell
Honorar teetles
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Rosebery
Laird Lieutenant o Wast Lowden
Succeedit bi
Henry Moubray Cadell
Academic offices
Precedit bi
Baron Tweedsmuir
Chancellor o the Varsity o Edinburgh
Succeedit bi
HRH The Duke o Edinburgh
Peerage o the Unitit Kinrick
Precedit bi
John Adrian Louis Hope
Marquess o Lithgae
Succeedit bi
Charles William Frederick Hope