Victoire o Fraunce

Victoire o Fraunce, Dochter o Fraunce (Victoire Louise Marie Thérèse; 11 Mey 1733–7 Juin 1799) wis the fift dochter o Louis XV o Fraunce an his wife Marie Leszczyńska. She died unmairit. She wis kent at coort simply as "Madame Victoire".

Victoire o Fraunce
Dochter o Fraunce
"Madame Victoire"
(Agen) Portrait de Madame Victoire, fille de Louis XV - François-Hubert Drouais - Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Agen.jpg
Madame Victoire bi François-Hubert Drouais.
Born11 Mey 1733(1733-05-11)
Palace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd7 Juin 1799(1799-06-07) (aged 66)
Trieste, Italy
BuirialRyal Bailica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
Full name
Victoire Louise Marie Thérèse de France
HooseBourbons o Fraunce
FaitherLouis XV o Fraunce
MitherMarie Leszczyńska
SeegnaturVictoire o Fraunce's signature
Lozenge of a "Daughter of France" (Fille de France).svg
Coat of arms of a daughter o Fraunce

Early yearsEedit

Victoire, Dochter o Fraunce wis born at the Palace o Versailles in 1733. As a dochter o the Keeng o Fraunce she haed the title o "daughter o Fraunce" which wis heichly prized within the ryal faimily. She wis the seivent bairn of ten. Frae birth she wis kent as Madame Quatrième, as she wis nae baptised. She wis houiver eventually named Victoire Louise Marie Thérèse, bein kent simply bi her first name. Unlik the aulder childer in the ryal faimily, Victoire wis raised at the Palace o Versailles but anly till the age of five when she left Versailles tae live at the "Aibbey o Fontevraud" in northren Fraunce. Leaving in 1738 wi her sisters Sophie an Thérèse. The princesses left Versailles on 6 Juin 1738 accompanied bi furniture an a militar escort.

Brief biographyEedit

At the age of 15, 1748, she wis allowed tae return tae the royal court. Her religious eddication stayed wi her aw her life an she wad always remain close tae her siblings an mither. Victoire arrived tae a court which wis dominated bi the powerful Madame de Pompadour who haed acome Louis XV's mistress in 1745. Victoire wis eften describit as the maist beautiful o the kings dochters. The anly project for marriage arose in 1753 when it wis suggestit that she mairy Keeng Ferdinand VI o Spain as his wife wis seriously ill at the time. Houiver she recovered an thare war never ony ither projects.

The princesses redused tae acknowledge the Barry an this caused friction within the coort. Houiver, at the daith of Louis XV in 1774, Madame du Barry wis exiled an Louis XVI came tae the throne. Victoire an her sister Marie Adélaïde war close tae the young keeng but did nae lik his wife Marie Antoinette purely acause she wis Austrian. Louis XV haein died, Victoire an her sisters haed tae muive oot of thair apartments an suin teuk up residence at the Château de Bellevue ootside the caipital. Victoire lived thair wi Marie Adélaïde an thair younger sister Sophie an thay redecorated the building tae suit thair tastes. Haein no power at Versailles, the sisters began touring Fraunce at great expense which caused havoc for Fraunce's already bad finances. When Versailles wis stormed, the sisters war at Bellevue an sicweys war nae placed unner hoose arrest. Thay quickly fled France an went tae stay wi thair niece Marie Clotilde o Fraunce, (Turin) who wis the wife of Charles Emmanuel IV o Sardinie. Thay then traveled tae Rome in 1791 an suin ended up in Naples in 1796, home of Marie Antoinette's sister, the Queen of Naples. Muivin tae Corfu in 1799 followed bi Trieste whaur Victoire eventually died of breast cancer. Marie Adélaïde died the follaein year in Rome. The twa sisters war bought back tae France during the reign of thair nephew Louis XVIII an burit at the Ryl Basilica o Saint Denis.

Ither wabsteidsEedit

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