Victoire de Rohan

Victoire de Rohan 28 December 1743 – 20 September 1807) wis a French noblewoman and coort official. She wis the governess o the childer o Louis XVI o Fraunce. She is kent aa Madame de Guéméné.

Victoire de Rohan
Princess o Guéméné
Victoire Armande de Rohan madame la princesse de Guéméné.jpg
The Princess o Guéméné bi an unknown artist.
Full name
Victoire Armande Josèphe de Rohan
Born28 December 1743(1743-12-28)
Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd20 September 1807(1807-09-20) (aged 63)
Paris, France
Spoose(s)Henri Louis, Prince o Guéméné
Charles Alain, Prince o Guéméné
Marie Louise Joséphine, Princess o Rochefort
Louis Victor, Duke o Bouillon
FaitherCharles de Rohan
MitherAnne Therese o Savoy
ReleegionRoman Catholicism


  1. Charlotte Victoire Joséphe Henriette de Rohan (17 November 1761 - 15 December 1771)
  2. Charles Alain Gabriel de Rohan, Duke o Montbazon, Rohan an Guéméné; Prince o Guéméné (18 Januar 1764 - 24 Aprile 1836); mairit Louise Aglae de Conflans d'Armentieres an haed issue.
  3. Marie Louise Joséphine de Rohan (13 Aprile 1765 - Paris, 21 September 1839); mairit Charles Louis Gaspard de Rohan, Duke o Montbazon (1765 - 1843) an haed issue.
  4. Louis Victor Meriadec de Rohan, Duke o Rohan an Bouillon (20 Julie 1766 - 10 December 1846); mairit Berthe de Rohan (1782 - 1841) but haed nae issue.
  5. Jules Armand Louis de Rohan (20 October 1768 - 13 Januar 1836) mairit Princess Wilhelmine Biron von Kurland, Duchess o Sagan but hawed nae issue.

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