Varsity o Michigan

public resairch varsity in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Unitit States

The Varsity o Michigan (U-M, UM, UMich, or U of M), frequently referred tae simply as "Michigan," is a public resairch varsity in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Unitit States.

Varsity o Michigan
University of Michigan seal.svg
Laitin: Universitas Michigania
Motto[Artes, Scientia, Veritas] error: {{lang}}: text haes italic markup (help)
Motto in Scots
Airts, Knawledge, Truth (Laitin)
Sea grant
Space grant
EstablishedAugust 26, 1817[1]
Endowment$10.5 billion (2016)[2]
Budget$7.05 billion
PresesMark Schlissel
ProvostMartha E. Pollack
Academic staff
Admeenistrative staff
LocationAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
42°16′59″N 83°44′06″W / 42.283°N 83.735°W / 42.283; -83.735Coordinates: 42°16′59″N 83°44′06″W / 42.283°N 83.735°W / 42.283; -83.735
Campus3,177 acres (12.86 km2)
Total: 20,965 acres (84.84 km2), including arboretum[6]
ColoursMaize and Blue
AthleticsNCAA Division IBig Ten
Sports27 Varsity Teams
University of Michigan Wordmark.svg


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