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Valens (Laitin: Flavius Julius Valens Augustus;[2] 328 – 9 August 378) wis the Eastren Roman Emperor frae 364 tae 378. He wis gien the eastren hauf o the empire bi his brither Valentinian I efter the latter's accession tae the throne. Valens, whiles kent as the Last True Roman, wis defeatit an killed in the Battle o Adrianople, which merked the beginnin o the collapse o the decayin Wastren Roman Empire.

Emperor o the Eastren Roman Empire
Valens Honorius Musei Capitolini MC494.jpg
A marble bust o Valens, or possibly Honorius.
Ring 28 Mairch 364 – 17 November 375 (emperor o the east, wi his brither Valentinian I in the wast;
17 November 375 – 9 August 378 (emperor in the east, wi his nephews Gratian an Valentinian II as emperors o the wast)
Predecessor Valentinian I (alane, whole empire)
Successor Theodosius I
Born 328
Cibalae, near Sirmium, recent toun o Vinkovci in Croatie
Dee'd (378-08-09)9 August 378 (aged 50)
Spouse Albia Dominica[1]
Issue Valentinianus Galates,
Full name
Flavius Julius Valens (frae birth tae accession);
Flavius Julius Valens Augustus (as emperor)
Dynasty Valentinian
Faither Gratian the Elder


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