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In anatomy, the urethra (frae Greek οὐρήθρα – ourḗthrā) is a tube that connects the urinary bladder tae the urinary meatus for the removal o fluids frae the body. In male placental mammals, the urethra travels throu the penis, an carries semen as well as urine.[1] In female placental mammals, the urethra is shorter an emerges at the female external urethral orifice abuin the vaginal openin.

Female and Male Urethra.jpg
The urethra transports urine frae the bladder tae the ootside o the body. This image shows (a) a female urethra an (b) a male urethra.
Precursor Urogenital sinus
Artery Inferior vesical artery
Middle rectal artery
Internal pudendal artery
Vein Inferior vesical vein
Middle rectal vein
Internal pudendal vein
Nerve Pudendal nerve
Pelvic splanchnic nerves
Inferior hypogastric plexus
Lymph Internal iliac lymph nodes
Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Laitin urethra vagina; feminina (female); urethra masculina (male)
Greek οὐρήθρα
MeSH A05.360.444.492.726
TA A08.4.01.001F
FMA 19667
Anatomical terminology


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