Varsity o Toronto

public research varsity in Toronto, Ontario, Canadae
(Reguidit frae University of Toronto)

The Varsity o Toronto (Inglis: University of Toronto, U of T, UToronto, or Toronto) is a public research varsity in Toronto, Ontario, Canadae, situatit on the grunds that surroond Queen's Park. It wis foondit bi ryal chairter in 1827 as King's College, the first institution o heicher learnin in the colony o Upper Canadae. Oreeginally controlled bi the Kirk o Ingland, the varsity assumed the present name in 1850 upon acomin a secular institution. As a collegiate varsity, it comprises twal colleges, which differ in chairacter an history, each wi substantial autonomy on financial an institutional affairs. It haes twa satellite campuses in Scarborough an Mississauga.

Varsity o Toronto
Utoronto coa.svg
Laitin: Universitas Torontonensis
Umwhile names
King's College (1827–1849)
MottoLaitin: Velut arbor ævo
Motto in Scots
As a tree through the ages[1]
TeepPublic varsity
EstablishedMarch 15, 1827; 193 years ago (March 15, 1827)
EndowmentC$2.097 billion (excl. colleges)[2]
ChancellorMichael Wilson[3]
PresesMeric Gertler[3]
Academic staff
Admeenistrative staff
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canadae
Coordinates: 43°39′42″N 79°23′42″W / 43.66167°N 79.39500°W / 43.66167; -79.39500
CampusUrban, 71 hectare (180 acre)[4]
NicknameVarsity Blues
AffiliationsAAU, ACU, AUCC, U15, URA Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs
Sports44 varsity teams
MascotTrue Blue (the Beaver)


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