Unitit States invasion o Panama

The Unitit States Invasion o Panama, code-named Operation Just Cause, wis the invasion o Panama bi the Unitit States in December 1989. It occurred durin the admeenistration o U.S. Preses George H. W. Bush, an ten years efter the Torrijos–Carter Treaties wur ratified tae transfer control o the Panama Canal frae the Unitit States tae Panama bi 1 Januar 2000.

Invasion o Panama
Operation Just Cause Rangers 3rd sqd la comadancia small.jpg
U.S. Airmy soldiers prepare tae tak La Comandancia in the El Chorrillo neighborhuid o Panama Ceety, in December 1989.
Date20 December 1989 (1989-12-20) – 31 Januar 1990 (1990-01-31)[1]
Result Unitit States victory[2]
 Panama (PDF)  Unitit States
Flag of Panama.svg Panamanian opposeetion
Commanders an leaders
Manuel Noriega (POW) George H. W. Bush
Maxwell R. Thurman
Guillermo Endara
16,000+ 27,684+
Casualties an losses
205–314 killed
1,906 capturt
23 killed
324 woondit

Panamanian civilians killed accordin tae[3][4]
U.S. militar: 250
Unitit Naitions: 500
CODEHUCA: 2,500–3,000

1 Spainyie journalist killed[5][6]

Durin the invasion, de facto Panamanian leader, general, an dictator Manuel Noriega wis deponed, preses-elect Guillermo Endara sworn intae affice, an the Panamanian Defense Force dissolved.