Unionist Pairty (Scotland)

The Unionist Pairty (Scots Gaelic: Buidheann na h-Aonachd; Inglis: Unionist Party), referred tae as the Scots Unionist Pairty ootside Scotland, wis the main centre-richt poleetical pairty in Scotland atween 1912-65. Uise o the terms Unionist an Tory, as opponed tae Conservative, is a consequence o the Scots Unionists eschewin the name Conservative till 1965.[1]

Unionist Pairty
Precedit biLeeberal Unionist Pairty
Merged intoScots Conservative Pairty
Breetish Unionism
Breetish imperialism
Poleetical poseetionCentre-richt tae richt-weeng
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