UTC+03:00 is an identifier for a time offset frae UTC o +03. In ISO 8601 the associatit time would be written as 2020-09-23T09:02:40+03:00.

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Aw time zones defined bi difference wi UTC
Min Behind (-) 0 Ahead (+)
:00 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
:30 09 04 03 03 04 05 06 08 09 10 11
:45 05 12
  UTC+03:00 ~ 45 degrees E – aw year
Auries in a darker shade uise daylicht savin time. The base colour shaws the staundart time.
Central45 degrees E
Wastren border (nautical)37.5 degrees E
Eastren border (nautical)52.5 degrees E
Date-time group (DTG)C
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UTC+03:00 - 2011: Orange (DST Northren Hemisphere), Yellae (aw year roond), Licht Blue - Sea auries
Time zones o Africae:
    UTC−01:00 Cape Verde Time (The islands o Cape Verde are tae the wast o the African mainland.)
    UTC±00:00 Wastren European Time · Greenwich Mean Time
    UTC+01:00 Central European Time · Wast Africae Time · Wastren European Simmer Time.
    UTC+02:00 Central Africae Time · Eastren European Time · Sooth African Staundart Time · Wast Africae Simmer Time
    UTC+03:00 East Africae Time
    UTC+04:00 Mauritius Time · Seychelles Time
Striped colours indicate kintras observin daylixht savin time. Ootside Africae the zones mey hae ither names an simmer time rules nae indicatit in this figur.

As staundart time (aw year roond)Eedit

East Africae TimeEedit

Eastren Europe Forward Time (EEFT), or Further-eastren European Time (FET)Eedit

Syne September 2011 the follaein auries in Eastren Europe uise UTC+3 aw year roond:

Arabie Staundart TimeEedit

Arabia Staundart Time, or AST, is uised bi some kintras in the Middle East. As this time zone is predominantly in the equatorial region, thare is no signeeficant chynge in day lenth throughoot the year, sae daylicht savin time is nae observed. Arabie Staundart Time is uised bi the follaein kintras:[1]


  1. The wastrenmaist pynt at which UTC+03 wi no DST is applee'd is the Roushie toun o Baltiysk, in the Kaliningrad Oblast, at 19°55′E. Afore 27 Mairch 2011, it wis the wastrenmaist pynt o Sudan, in the Wast Darfur state, at the border wi Chad; Geneina, the caipital o Wast Darfur, locatit very close tae that pynt, haes a longitude o 22°27' E.
  2. The eastrenmost pynt at which UTC+03 wi no DST is applee'd is actually the eastrenmaist pynt o Saudi Arabie, in the Eastren Province, at the border wi Oman, wi a longitude o roughly 55°20' E.

As staundart time (Northren Hemisphere winter anly)Eedit

Umwhile Moscow Time, afore 27 Mairch 2011; nou UTC+4.[2]

As daylicht savin time (Northren Hemisphere simmer anly)Eedit

Eastren European Simmer Time - Territories observin European Union DST rulesEedit

Middle East - observin various DST rulesEedit

See an aaEedit


  1. The wastrenmaist pynt at which UTC+03 wi DST is applee'd is actually the wastrenmaist pynt o contiguous Roushie, near Lavry, Pskov Oblast (27°19' E). During the simmer the time employed thare (correspondin tae 60°E) is 33°41' E o pheesical time, i.e. roughly 2 oors an 14 minutes ahead o pheesical time, makin for the lairgest discrepancy atween time uised an pheesical time for UTC+3 wi DST. This actually the lairgest discrepancy oweraw for UTC+03 even if UTC+03 wi no DST is includit.
  2. The eastrenmaist pynt at which UTC+03 wi DST is applee'd is Cape Zhelaniya, Severny Island, Novaya Zemlya, Roushie (69°06' E). During the winter the time employed thare (correspondin tae 45°E) is 24°06' W o pheesical time, i.e. roughly 1 oor an 36 minutes behind pheesical time, makin for the lairgest discrepancy atween time uised an pheesical time for UTC+3 wi DST for that time o the year, but nae oweraw (see note 1 abuin).
  3. On Februar 8, 2011, Roushie Preses Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree cancellin DST in Roushie. Unner the decree, aw clocks in Roushie will advance ane oor on Mairch 27, 2011, but will nae chynge back the follaein October, effectively makin Kaliningrad Time UTC+03 permanently, an Moscow Time UTC+04 permanently.
  4. Ukraine haed UTC+2 plus regularly EEST frae 1992 till 2011 (in years 1981–89 Moscow Simmer Time) till the Ukrainian parliament addit ane oor "on the territory o Ukraine frae Mairch 27, 2011" an canceled DST on September 20, 2011 de facto makin EEST (UTC+3) the new staundart time.[3] Efter strang criticism frae the mass media, on 18 October 2011 the Ukrainian parliament cancelled its previous decision.[4]


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