The tuba is the lairgest an lawest-pitched brass instrument. Soond is produced bi vibratin or "buzzin" the lips intae a lairge cupped moothpiece. It is ane o the maist recent addeetions tae the modren symphony orchestra, first appearin in the mid-19t century, when it lairgely replaced the ophicleide.[1] Tuba is Laitin for trumpet or horn.[2] The horn referred tae would maist likely resemble what is kent as a baroque trumpet.

Two F tubas.jpg
Twa F-tubas, frae c.1900 (left) an 2004 (richt)
Bress instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification423.232
(Valved aerophone
soondit bi lip movement)
Inventor(s)Wilhelm Friedrich Wieprecht
an Johann Moritz
Playin range
Tuba range.svg
Relatit instruments

A person who plays the tuba is kent as a tubaist or tubist.[3] In the Unitit Kinrick a person who plays the tuba in an orchestra is kent simply as a tuba player; in a brass band or militar band thay are kent as a bass player.


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