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Troy (Auncient Greek: Ἴλιον, Ilion, or Ἴλιος, Ilios; an Τροία, Troia; Laitin: Trōia an Īlium;[note 1] Hittite: Wilusa or Truwisa;[1][2] Turkis: Truva) wis a ceety situatit in whit is kent frae Clessical soorces as Asie Minor, nou northwast Anatolie in modren Turkey, locatit sooth o the soothwest end o the Dardanelles/Hellespont an northwast o Moont Ida at Hisarlık.

Walls of Troy (2).jpg
The waws o the acropolis alang tae Troy VII, which is identified as the steid o the Trojan War (c. 1200 BC).
Troy is locatit in Turkey
Shawn within Turkey
Location Tevfikiye, Çanakkale Province, Turkey
Region Troad
Coordinates 39°57′27″N 26°14′20″E / 39.95750°N 26.23889°E / 39.95750; 26.23889Coordinates: 39°57′27″N 26°14′20″E / 39.95750°N 26.23889°E / 39.95750; 26.23889
Teep Settlement
Foondit 3000 BC
Abandoned 500 AD
Periods Early Bronze Age tae Byzantine Empire
Site notes
Wabsteid Troia Archaeological Site
Offeecial name Airchaeological Steid o Troy
Teep Cultural
Criteria ii, iii, vi
Designatit 1998 (22nt session)
Reference no. 849
Region Europe an North Americae


  1. Trōia is the teepical Laitin name for the ceety. Ilium is a mair poetic term: Lewis, Charlton T.; Charles Short. "Ilium". A Latin Dictionary. Tufts University: The Perseus Digital Library. Retrieved 2008-03-01. 


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