Treaty o Trianon

The Treaty o Trianon wis the peace agreement o 1920 tae formally end Warld War I atween maist o the Allies o Warld War I[1] an the Kinrick o Hungary, the latter bein ane o the successor states tae Austrick-Hungary.[2][3][4][5]

Treaty o Trianon
Treaty o Peace atween the Allied an Associatit Pouers an Hungary
Signin the Treaty on 4 Juin 1920 at the Grand Trianon Palace in Versailles, arrival o the twa signatories, Ágost Benárd an Alfréd Drasche-Lázár
Signed4 Juin 1920
LocationVersailles, Fraunce
Effective31 Julie 1920
SignatoriesHungary an Allied an Associatit Pouers

1. Principal Allied Pouers (Entente)

Fraunce France
 United States
 United Kingdom
Romanie Romanie
Czechoslovakie Czechoslovakie

2. Hungary Kinrick o Hungary, ane o the successors o the umwhile Austrick-Hungary, the latter wis a member o the Central Pouers
DepositaryFrench Govrenment
LeidsFrench, English, Italian
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