Treaty o Paris (1783)

The Treaty o Paris (Inglis: Treaty of Paris), signed in Paris bi representatives o Keeng George III o Great Breetain an representatives o the Unitit States o Americae on September 3, 1783, endit the American Revolutionary War. The treaty set the boondaries atween the Breetish Empire an the Unitit States, on lines "exceedinly generous" tae the latter.[2] Details includit fishin richts an restoration o property an preesoners o war.

Treaty o Paris
The Definitive Treaty of Peace Between Great Britain and the United States of America
DraftitNovember 30, 1782
SignedSeptember 3, 1783
LocationParis, Fraunce
EffectiveMay 12, 1784
CondeetionRatification bi Great Breetain an the Unitit States o Americae
DepositaryUnitit States govrenment[1]
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