Trachoma is an infectious disease caused bi bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.[2] The infection causes a reuchenin o the inner surface o the eelids.[2] This reuchenin can lead tae pyne in the een, brakdoun o the ooter surface or cornea o the een, an eventual blindness.[2] Untreatit, repeatit trachoma infections can result in a form o permanent blindness whan the eelids turn inwart.[2]

SynonymsGranular conjunctivitis, blinding trachoma, Egyptian ophthalmia[1]
Entropion and trichiasis secondary to trachoma A44-652-11.jpg
Surgical repair o in-turned eelid an ee-lashers resultin frae trachoma
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsEe pyne, blindness[2]
CausesChlamydia trachomatis spread atween fowk[2]
Risk factorsCroudit leevin condeetions, nae eneuch clean watter an toilets[2]
PreventionMass treatment, impruived sanitation[3]
TreatmentMedications, surgery[2]
MedicationAzithromycin, tetracycline.[3]
Frequency80 million[4]


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