Toshihide Maskawa

Toshihide Maskawa (or Masukawa) (益川 敏英, Masukawa Toshihide, born Februar 7, 1940 in Nagoya, Japan, deed Julie 23, 2021) wis a Japanese theoretical pheesicist kent for his wirk on CP-violation wha wis awairdit ane quarter o the 2008 Nobel Prize in Pheesics "for the discovery o the origin o the broken symmetry which predicts the exeestence o at least three faimilies o quarks in naitur."[1]

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益川 敏英
Toshihide Maskawa
Toshihide Masukawa-press conference Dec 07th, 2008-2.jpg
Born7 Februar 1940(1940-02-07)
Nagoya, Japan
Died23 Julie 2021 (aged 81)
Alma materNagoya Varsity
Kent forWirk on CP violation
CKM matrix
AwairdsSakurai Prize (1985)
Japan Academy Prize (1985)
Asahi Prize (1994)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (2008)
Scientific career
FieldsHeich energy pheesics (theory)
InstitutionsNagoya Varsity
Kyoto Varsity
Kyoto Sangyo Varsity
Doctoral advisorShoichi Sakata


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