Tomas Robert Lindahl FRS[3] FMedSci[5] (born 28 Januar 1938) is a Swadish-born Breetish scientist specialisin in cancer research.[7] In 2015, he wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry[8] jyntly wi American chemist Paul L. Modrich an Turkis chemist Aziz Sancar for mechanistic studies o DNA repair.[9][10][11]

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Tomas Lindahl
Tomas Lindahl 0113.jpg
Tomas Lindahl at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2015)
BornTomas Robert Lindahl
(1938-01-28) 28 Januar 1938 (age 82)[1]
Stockholm, Swaden
NaitionalitySwadish, naituralised Breetish
(dual naitionality)
Alma mater
Kent forClarification o cellular resistance tae carcinogens
Scientific career
ThesisOn the structure and stability of nucleic acids in solution (1967)
InfluencesWalter Bodmer


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