Tintoretto (Italian pronunciation: [tintoˈretto]; born Jacopo Comin, late September or early October, 1518[1] – Mey 31, 1594) wis an Italian penter an a notable exponent o the Renaissance schuil. For his phenomenal energy in pentin he wis termed Il Furioso. His wirk is chairacterised bi its muscular figurs, dramatic gesturs, an bauld uise o perspective in the Mannerist style, while mainteenin colour an licht teepical of the Venetian Schuil.[2]

Detail o a sel-portrait
BornJacopo Comin
late September or early October 1518
Venice, Republic o Venice, in present-day Italy
Died31 Mey 1594 (aged 75)
Venice, Republic o Venice, in present-day Italy
Kent forPentin

In his youth, Tintoretto wis an aa kent as Jacopo Robusti as his faither haed defendit the gates o Padua in a wey that others cried robust, against the imperial truips during the War o the League o Cambrai (1509–1516). His real name "Comin" haes anly recently been discovered bi Miguel Falomir, the curator o the Museo del Prado, Madrid, an wis made public on the occasion o the retrospective o Tintoretto at the Prado in 2007. Comin translates tae the spice cumin in the local leid.[3]


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