Thomas Bouch

Sir Thomas Bouch (25 Februar 1822 – 30 October 1880) wis a Breetish railwey ingineer. He wis born in Thursby, near Cairl, Cumberland, an lived in Edinburgh. As manager o the Edinburgh an Northren Railway he introduced the first roll-on/roll-off train ferry service in the warld. Subsequently as a consulting ingineer, he helped develop the caisson an popularised the uise o lattice girders in railwey brigs. He wis knighted efter the successfu completion o the first Tay Rail Brig, but his name is chiefly remembered for the subsequent Tay Brig disaster, in which 75 fowk are believed tae hae died as a result o defects in design, construction an maintenance, for aw o which Bouch wis held responsible. He died within 18 month o bein knighted, wi his reputation destroyed.

Sir Thomas Bouch
Thomas Bouch ILN.jpg
Born25 Februar 1822(1822-02-25)
Thursby, Cumbria, England
Died30 October 1880(1880-10-30) (aged 58)
Moffat, Scotland
Ingineerin career
Ingineerin disciplineCivil engineer
Structural engineer
Institution membershipsInstitution of Civil Engineers (Associate 1850, Member 1858)
Signeeficant projectsWaverley Station, Tay Rail Brig