Thergothon wis an influential Finnish doom metal baund. They wur ane o the pioneers o the funeral doom subgenre, stairtin wi their demo Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth (1991) an continuin their raw, depressin style wi their anerlie album, Stream from the Heavens (1994). Their soond wis extremely slow an dirgit alang in lang pieces, which combined hivy guitar riffs, extremely deep daith grouls an spairse lead guitar melodies. The baund haed awready disbandit twa years afore the release o their anerlie album.

OreiginKaarina, Finland
GenresFuneral doom, daith/doom
Years active1989–1992
LabelsAvantgarde Music, Eibon Records
Associate actsThis Empty Flow
Kadotus 609
MembersNiko Skorpio
Mikko Ruotsalainen
Jori Sjöroos
Past membersSami Kaveri

Niko Sirkiä an Jori Sjöroos went on tae form This Empty Flow, which markt a destinct stylistic depairtur frae Thergothon. The project began as somewha o a shoegazer baund, taking cues frae groups like Slowdive, but endit up as mair in the aurie o trip-hop.

Lately Sjöroos haes gained reputation for composin sangs o popular Finnish pop-rock act PMMP.

Niko Sirkiä currently records experimental electronic muisic as Niko Skorpio, an runs a record label cried Some Place Else.



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