The faimily o Philip V o Spain (1743)

The The faimily o Philip V o Spain is a painting on display in the Museo del Prado, Madrid an wis painted bi Louis Michel van Loo in 1743. It shows life-sized depictions o the-then king Philip V o Spain an his childer with their spouses.

The Family of Felipe V
La familia de Felipe V (Van Loo).jpg
AirtistLouis Michel van Loo
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions408 cm × 520 cm (161 in × 200 in)
LocationMuseo del Prado, Madrid

The sittersEedit

  1. Mariana Victoria o Spain, Princess o Brazil (1718-1781) future queen o Portugal.
  2. Maria Bárbara o Portugal, Princess o Asturies (1711-1758) future queen o Spain.
  3. Infante Ferdinand, Prince o Asturies (1713-1759) future king o Spain.
  4. King Philip V (1683-1746)
  5. Cardinal Infante Louis o Spain (1727-1785) future Coont o Chinchón.
  6. Queen Elisabeth (1692-1766)
  7. Infante Philip o Spain (1720-1765) future Duke o Parma.
  8. Louise Élisabeth o Fraunce (1727-1759) future Duchess o Parma.
  9. Infanta Maria Teresa (1726-1746) future Dauphine o Fraunce.
  10. Infanta Maria Antonia (1729-1785) future queen of Sardinie.
  11. Maria Amalia o Saxony (1724-1760) future queen o Spain.
  12. Charles, Keeng o Naples (1716-1788) future King o Spain.
  13. Infanta Isabella (1741-1763) future Airchduchess o Austrick.
  14. Maria Isabella Anna o Naples an Sicily (1743-1749) died in infancy.

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