The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times is the lairgest-sellin Breetish naitional newspaper in the "quality press" mercat category. It is published bi Times Newspapers Ltd, a subsidiary o News UK, which is in turn ained by News Corp. Times Newspapers an aa publishes The Times. The twa papers war foondit independently an hae been unner common ainership anly syne 1966. Thay war boucht bi News International in 1981.

The Sunday Times
The Sunday Times cover (13 July 2014)
TeepSunday newspaper
Awner(s)News UK
EditorMartin Ivens[1]
Poleetical alignmentConservative[2]
Circulation839,077 (prent) an 59,000 (deegital) (March 2014)[4]
Sister newspapersThe Times
Free online archivesNo


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