The Republicans (Fraunce)

The Republicans (French: Les Républicains; LR) is a centre-richt poleetical pairty in Fraunce. The pairty wis formed on 30 Mey 2015 bi renamin the Union for a Popular Muivement (UMP) pairty, which haed been foondit in 2002 unner the leadership o umwhile Preses o Fraunce Jacques Chirac.[7][8]

The Republicans
Les Républicains
PresesChristian Jacob
Annie Genevard
Vice PresesJean Leonetti
Guillaume Peltier
Damien Abad
Spokesman in the AssemmlyChristian Jacob
Spokesman in the SenateBruno Retailleau
Foondit30 Mey 2015 (2015-05-30)
Precedit biUMP
HeidquartersRue de Vaugirard N. 238,
75015 Paris
Youth weengLes Jeunes Républicains
("The Young Republicans")
Membership  (2017)Increase 234,556
Liberal conservatism[3][4][5]
Christian democracy[3]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-richt
Internaitional affiliationCentrist Democrat Internaitional
Internaitional Democrat Union
European affiliationEuropean Fowk's Pairty
European Pairlament groupEuropean Fowk's Pairty[6]
Colours               Blue, White, Reid (French Tricolore)
Naitional Assembly
104 / 577
146 / 348
European Pairlament
7 / 74
Regional Cooncils
6 / 17
Depairtmental Cooncils
44 / 101


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