Terror 2000

Terror 2000 is a thrash metal-baund frae Helsingborg, Swaden.


A side project o Soilwork sangster Björn "Speed" Strid, the baund an aa includes guitarists Klas Ideberg (o Darkane) an Nick Sword (o Von Benzo), drummer Erik Thyselius, an bassist Dan Svensson. The baund wis initially formed unner the name "Killing Machine" in 1999, an its oreeginal drummer wis Henry Ranta o Soilwork, but he wis replaced efter the release o Slaughterhouse Supremacy.



Current membersEedit

Umwhile membersEedit

  • Henry Ranta − Drums on Slaughterhouse Supremacy (ex-Soilwork, ex-The Defaced)

Guest muisiciansEedit

  • Von Benzo sangster Jay Smith sang backup in ane sang frae Terror for Sale: "King Kong Song".