Temple of Shadows

Temple of Shadows is a concept album bi the pouer metal banud Angra an wis released in 2004 bi Paradoxx Music in Brazil an SPV via Steamhammer in the rest o the warld. SPV released a limitit edition an aw containin a bonus DVD wi the complete video material o the concert that wis previously released on their album Rebirth World Tour – Live in São Paulo.

Temple of Shadows
Studio album by Angra
Released6 Septembe 2004
GenrePouer metal, progressive metal, hivy metal
LabelParadoxx Music / SPV
ProducerDennis Ward
Angra chronology
Rebirth Live in Sao Paulo
(2003)Rebirth Live in Sao Paulo2003
Temple of Shadows
Aurora Consurgens
(2006)Aurora Consurgens2006

Track leetinEedit

  1. "Deus Le Volt!" (Kiko Loureiro) – 0:52
  2. "Spread Your Fire" (Edu Falaschi, Rafael Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 4:25
  3. "Angels and Demons" (Falaschi, Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 4:11
  4. "Waiting Silence" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 4:55
  5. "Wishing Well" (Falaschi, Bittencourt) – 4:00
  6. "The Temple of Hate" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 5:13
  7. "The Shadow Hunter" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 8:04
  8. "No Pain for the Dead" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 5:05
  9. "Winds of Destination" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 6:56
  10. "Sprouts of Time" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 5:09
  11. "Morning Star" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 7:39
  12. "Late Redemption" (Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 4:55
  13. "Gate XIII" (Falaschi, Bittencourt, Loureiro) – 5:04


Guest appearancesEedit

The album is featured bi several guest muisickers:

Additional informationEedit

  • Gate XIII is a bonus track on some releases, but considered an offeecial pairt o the album.