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The Tehran Conference (codenamed Eureka[1]) wis a strategy meetin o Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, an Winston Churchill frae 28 November tae 1 December 1943. It wis held in the Soviet Union's embassy in Tehran, Iran. It wis the first o the Warld War II conferences o the "Big Three" Allied leaders (the Soviet Union, the Unitit States, an the Unitit Kinrick).

Tehran Conference
کنفرانس تهران
Тегеранская конференция
Tehran Conference, 1943.jpg
The "Big Three" at the Tehran Conference
Left tae richt: Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt an Winston Churchill.
Date 28 November 1943 (1943-11-28) tae 1 December 1943 (1943-12-01)
Location Soviet embassy, Tehran, Iran
An aa kent as Tehran Summit
Pairteecipants Winston Churchill (Prime Meenister: Unitit Kinrick),
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Preses: Unitit States)
Joseph Stalin (Premier: Soviet Union)
Ootcome Consensus tae open a seicont front against Nazi Germany bi 1 Mey 1944


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