Tamar the Great (Georgie: თამარი) (c. 1160 – 18 Januar 1213) reigned as the Queen o Georgie frae 1184 tae 1213, presidin ower the apex o the Georgie Gowden Age.[1] A member o the Bagrationi dynasty, her poseetion as the first wumman tae rule Georgie in her awn richt wis emphasisit bi the title mepe ("keeng"), affordit tae Tamar in the medieval Georgie soorces.[2]

Tamar the Great
Tamar (Vardzia fresco detail).jpg
Tamar at the kirk o Dormition in Vardzia
Queen o Georgie
Ring27 Mairch 1184 – 18 Januar 1213
Coronation1178 as co-regent
1184 as queen-regnant
Gelati Monastery
PredecessorGeorge III
SuccessorGeorge IV
Dee'd18 Januar 1213
(aged 52–53)
Agarani Castle
SpouseYuri Bogolyubsky (1185–1187)
David Soslan (1191–1207)
IssueGeorge IV
DynastyBagrationi dynasty
FaitherGeorge III o Georgie
MitherBurdukhan o Alania
ReleegionGeorgie Orthodox Kirk
Queen Tamar monogram.png Queen Tamar SG black.svg
Royal monograms
SeegnaturTamar the Great's signature



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