Tadamasa Goto

Japanese mob boss

Tadamasa Goto (後藤 忠政, Gotō Tadamasa, born September 16, 1942)[1] is a retired yakuza. He wis the foondin heid o the Goto-gumi, a Fujinomiya-based affiliate o Japan's lairgest kent yakuza syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi.[2]

Goto, who haes been convictit nine times at least,[2] wis a prominent yakuza, who haed even been dubbit the "John Gotti o Japan"[3], an at ane pynt he wis an aa the lairgest shareholder in Japan Airlines.[4]

He haed been barred frae enterin the Unitit States till 2001 when he got a special visa deal frae the FBI.[5]

Career owerviewEedit

His career as a yakuza offeecially began in 1963 when he jynt an Inagawa affiliate based in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka. Efter leavin the Inagawa, he jynt the Tenshin-kai, a Kobe-based tertiary affiliate o the Yamaguchi-gumi, formin a branch o the Tenshin-kai in Fujinomiya.[6] Goto wis rapidly promotit, an in 1969 he formit his awn clan, the Goto-gumi, in Fujinomiya as a seicontary affiliate o the Yamaguchi-gumi.[1] He entered the Kobe heidquarters o the Yamaguchi-gumi in its 4t era (1984–1985),[1] an haed been in the heidquarters till 2008 when he wis expelled.[6]

FBI scandalEedit

In 2001, eter dealin wi the FBI, he entered the Unitit States tae receive a liver transplant, an gae a $100,000 donation tae the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.[7] Goto got his new liver, frae a queue-jumpin transplant,[8] in the year when 186 fowk in the Los Angeles region dee'd waitin for a liver.[5] Awtho the FBI wad want some crucial information aboot the Yamaguchi-gumi's activities in the Unitit States, Goto anerlie providit little uiseful information,[5] housomeivver it includit a clue aboot some activities o Susumu Kajiyama the "Emperor o Loan Shairks".[9] Jake Adelstein, the jurnalist who uncovered the transplant story, receivit daith threats.[10] When he wis investigatin the scandal for the Yomiuri newspaper, he haed a formal meetin wi mobsters associatit wi Goto, whaur he wis tauld, "erase the story or be erased, your family too".[3]


Goto began disappearin frae the yakuza scene in 2008 efter allegedly bein forcit intae retirement bi the Kobe heidquarters' rulin faction led bi Kiyoshi Takayama o the Kodo-kai.[11] His expulsion frae the Yamaguchi-gumi wis offeecially confirmit bi the heidquarters on 14 October 2008.[6] Efter retirement, he became a Buddhist priest.[12] In an airticle on The Daily Beast, jurnalist Jake Adelstein wrote that Goto haes reemergit as the heid o a new gang, Kyushu Seido-kai.[13]


Further readinEedit

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