Sutherland is a registration coonty, lieutenancy aurie an historic admeenistrative coonty o Scotland. It is nou athin the Hieland local govrenment aurie. In Gaelic the aurie is referred tae accordin tae its traditional auries: Dùthaich 'IcAoidh (NW), Asainte (Assynt), an Cataibh (East). Housomeivver, Cataibh will aften be heard uised as referrin tae the aurie as a whole.


The coonty toun, an anerlie burgh o the coonty, is Dornoch. Ither settlements include Bonar Bridge, Lairg, Brora, Durness, Embo, Tongue, Golspie, Helmsdale, Lochinver, Scourie an Kinlochbervie. The population of the coonty as at the 2001 Census wis 13,466.

Freemit airtinsEedit

Coordinates: 58°15′N 4°30′W / 58.250°N 4.500°W / 58.250; -4.500