Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is a street in the wastren pairt o Los Angeles Coonty, Californie that stretches frae Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles tae the Paceefic Coast Highway at the Paceefic Ocean in Paceefic Palisades. The street is an icon o Hollywid celebrity cultur an the phrase "Sunset Boulevard" is endurin shorthand for the glamor associatit wi Hollywood.

Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Blvd near Vine Street
Sunset Boulevard.png
LocationLos Angeles, Californie, Unitit States
West end SR 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in Pacific Palisades
I‑405 (San Diego Freeway) in Brentwood
US 101 (Hollywood Freeway) in Hollywood
East endFigueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles