Sumo (相撲, sumō) or sumo warstlin is a competitive full-contact warstlin sport whaur a rikishi (warstler) attempts tae force anither warstler oot o a circular raing (dohyō) or intae titchin the grund wi onything ither than the soles o his feet. The chairacters 相撲 leeterally mean "strikin ane anither".

Sumo warstlin (相撲)
Asashoryu fight Jan08.JPG
A sumo match (tori-kumi) atween umwhile yokozuna Asashōryū (left) an then-komusubi Kotoshōgiku in Januar 2008.
HairdnessFull contact
Kintra o originJapan
Olympic sportNa, but recognised bi the IOC